Australian Chamber of Commerce Singapore (AustCham)

The Australian Chamber of Commerce Singapore (AustCham) is an organisation which fosters and provides a forum for business links between Australia and Singapore. With a wide range of Australian and non-Australian members from different industry groups, AustCham is committed to serving as a connector for its members as well as assist in gaining access to regional Australian chambers, Australian High Commission, Australian and Singapore government agencies and business.

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South African Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The South African Chamber of Commerce Singapore (SACham) aids the South African business community in Singapore to enable and stimulate trade and industry as well as provide an expanded platform for personal business networking in order to promote bilateral business relationships between South Africa and Singapore.

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Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (DutchCham) provides a strong platform for the Dutch Business Community in Singapore to share and showcase their knowledge, skills, values and expertise through informing, connecting and inspiring professionals and companies in Singapore with a shared interest in Dutch business.

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New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Singapore provides a strong platform for people and businesses in Singapore who are interested in and connected to New Zealand. Since 1983, the Chamber has been heavily involved in facilitating deep and strong bilateral relations through a range of business, educational and social events.

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Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce is the longest-serving, independent voice of the private sector in Singapore and in the region. Founded in 1837, its goal to stand for free and fair trade, multiculturalism, multilateralism, an open economy and responsible business has never wavered.

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As a business law firm, we are active both nationally and internationally. To satisfy our high standards of international legal consulting, we are the Singapore member for Globalaw.

Since 1994, Globalaw has been providing an effective platform to seamlessly address and meet global client needs thanks to a personal and collaborative relationship among selected and high-quality firms from over 80 countries worldwide. Globalaw members have not just contributed quality legal expertise but, in many cases, have created and located successful business opportunities for their clients. In essence, the global reach you need from the local firm you trust.

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International Law Network 

As we have clients across multiple jurisdictions, we are proud to be the Singapore member of the International Lawyers Network, an international network of high-quality law firms which provides international global assistance in 67 countries across 6 continents.

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New Colombo Plan Internship and Mentorship Network

Here at Goodwins, we appreciate and value the importance of good mentorship. We firmly believe that having good mentors will leave a lasting impact on the mentees, be it in their career paths or in life.

We at Goodwins are proud to be part of the New Colombo Plan (NCP), which is a signature initiative of the Australian Government and is a unique scholarship program, targeting both the next generation of Australian leaders as well as broadening Australian undergraduates’ knowledge and cultural appreciation of the Indo-Pacific Region.

The NCP Internship and Mentorship Network connects universities, students and private-sector organisations in Australia and across the region, thereby sharing access to a diverse talent pool and supporting students in obtaining professional experience at the same time.

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