Wills, Estate Planning and Probate

Wills, Estate Planning, and Probate

Since its inception in 2001, Goodwins has promoted the position that every responsible individual should draw up his or her own will. Goodwins has produced in Plain English a “Guide to writing a Will”. It is available in printed form and is downloadable from our website, under the ‘Publication’ tab. It has remained a popular guide used by Financial Advisers in conveying the importance of wills to their clients.

With their experience, our lawyers are able to respond to the needs of clients, advising them in the planning of estates and the use of trusts, if applicable.

Our lawyers also advise high networth individuals on tax planning, asset preservation, provision for minors and disabled dependants while working closely with Financial Advisers and other professionals. Our lawyers also assist in probate and administration matters.

Goodwins has provided and will continue to provide training seminars on wills, trusts and their use in estate planning.


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