Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property Practice offers a wide range of services for the protection of ideas, brands, inventions, literary creations, business strategies, computer program codes and anything else that is recognised in law as being capable of protection.

Together with our Information Technology Practice, we assist clients in protecting and enhancing their intellectual property rights. Our work in this area includes rendering advice, negotiating and preparing contracts and acting for our clients in the following:

  • copyright and neighbouring rights
  • confidentiality laws, trade secrets and restrictive covenants
  • trade marks, designs and patents
  • technology transfers, assignments, licenses and franchises
  • IP administration/portfolio management
  • IP agreements, especially in connection with investment employment or funding situations
  • litigation defence and enforcement actions
  • dispute resolution for litigious matters


Related to this area are rights arising from the film and music industries and we act in a wide range of transactions including:

  • systems integration, teaming and subcontract agreements, back-to-back agreements
  • licensing and sublicensing of content, resolution of licensing disputes
    distribution agreements for carriage of television channels
  • engagement of directors, artistes and songwriters, management of artistes
  • recording agreements
  • mechanical and print licenses
  • event management agreements and sponsorship agreements
  • film production and co-production agreements
  • investment agreements


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