Firm Culture

Here at Goodwins, we work together as a team, dissuading internal office politics, with great emphasis on family time and work-life balance and supporting our colleagues in their career pathways.


Our Values

Here at Goodwins, we are looking for colleagues who are team players who stay for the long run and not short-term individuals. The Goodwins’ shared values include being passionate about the work, keen interest in solving legal complexities, and upholding reputation and goodwill with clients, friends and fellow colleagues. Although these values may appear simple and unimportant to some, they form part of the foundation of this Firm. Our long-standing clients stick with us because we are legal specialists of niche areas of expertise, with a clear focus to look after our clients with integrity, possessing a deep legal understanding and varied experience in different industries. We value family time and strongly encourage our colleagues to leave the office at the conclusion of the official working hours for the day. Time waits for no one, even more so for those with young families.


Different Career Pathways

Here at Goodwins, we recognise that some colleagues aspire to become partners, while others do not share the same desire. Some thrive in the space of business development, while others prefer to focus primarily on legal work. We will fully support our colleagues in whichever career pathways you choose, be it towards counsel or partner. We do not make it a requirement for colleagues to conduct business development. If colleagues want to learn and develop their business development skills, we will support you through providing good mentors, networking opportunities and formal and informal ‘check-ins’. The pressure for excellence should be coming from the individual, instead of from the Firm.


Come Join the Team

We look forward to hearing from you. For an initial discussion that will be kept confidential, please contact our Chief Operating Officer.

Key Contact 

Mr Noel NG