The strength of our Litigation Department lies in our understanding of the commercial needs of our clients. Our lawyers seek to achieve quick and cost-effective outcomes for clients. Protracted litigation is not favoured and tolerated only when it is beneficial to our clients.

In practice, when it is possible to conclude a litigation case with the use of appropriate interlocutory procedures, we are always ready to use these procedures to secure a swift and cost-efficient outcome. Our lawyers will manage matters and guide a client through the less then pleasant course of dispute resolution with the aim of delivering an end result which is in the client’s best interests.

Our lawyers have handled a wide range of commercial disputes involving joint-venture disputes, construction claims, breach of contract, negligence (including professional and medical negligence), sale of goods, intellectual property litigation, insurance claims (including personal injury claims), real estate disputes and also wills, probate and estate disputes.

Our lawyers believe in the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) and have acted as counsel for clients in arbitration hearings as well as in mediations. Our lawyers have been appointed to the panel of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (‘SIAC’) and they are recognised for their expertise in Commercial and Corporate, Construction law, E-commerce, Intellectual Technology and Intellectual Property Law disputes. Our lawyers are also accredited as mediators to various panels including the Singapore Mediation Centre (‘SMC’).


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