Information and Communication Technology

Information Technology Practice

Our Information Technology Practice renders a full suite of legal services to the IT industry. Our lawyers are experienced in the various legal and regulatory issues that arise in an area that is constantly changing, adopting a practical approach in rendering advice to our clients.

We have been engaged by some governments to advise on and draft IT-related legislation including eCommerce and cybercrime, and act in a broad range of transactions:

  • Systems integration, teaming and subcontract agreements, back to back agreements,
  • VAR agreements, software development agreements, interchange agreements,
  • Outsourcing agreements, facilities management agreements,
  • Agreements for supply of hardware, software support and maintenance agreements,
  • Software development agreements, software licensing and sublicensing agreements,
  • Technology license agreements, cross-licenses, transfer of technology agreements,
  • Electronic commerce, Website and web hosting agreements,
  • Advising and Drafting of IT-related legislation
  • Advising on legal aspects of IT security and governance,
  • Advising on adoption of legal strategies for document management, date processing, data mining, evidence, and
  • Advising on IT and Internet use policies


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